Lidenhoff Restaurant 

Our Chef Nikita Pribilsky is sharing his thoughts on Lindenhoff Restorāns
Recently opened Lindenhoff restaurant is located in the Old Riga on Vagnera and Teātra streets crossing.
With its interior, its kitchen and its atmosphere the restaurant is representing Eastern European tavern, that takes its guests back to twenties of the past century.
Wooden ceiling, exclusive furniture, antique attributes, food served in the earthenware, retro jazz playing in speakers - all that definitely makes you dip into the time journey and feel the food throughout the atmosphere and feel the atmosphere throughout the food.
The restaurant is named after the estate Liepas Muiža, that is located twenty kilometers north from Cēsis. It was founded in the seventeenth century little town called Liepa. It belonged to Germans all the time throughout till 1938, that’s why it was known more as Lindenhoff (linden yard in German).
At the present time the estate is being renovated and is going to be opened as a tourists spot. Already today you can book an apartment there an enjoy beautiful nature during your vacation.
Agriculture is already developing in the estate: there are chickens, ducks, sheep, goats, cows and horses. We plan to use the production of the estate in our restaurant in future. By the way, the first harvest of potatoes was gathered this year and we already use it in our restaurant
When I was working on the philosophy and the concept of the restaurant, for me, as for the chef, was very important to bring the spirit and the mood of the estate. To bring the union with nature in every peace of every portion of every meal that is ordered in the restaurant. With my professional techniques and restaurant experience I've created a compact menu based on products that are used by local people. That’s why when you food in Lindenhoff restaurant you get something familiar and simple in untraditional form. We cook simple food (that is not simple at all, as I think) using traditional ingredients and our skills.
I am often asked “what is the most delicious meal in the menu?” I am sorry, but there won’t be any answer to that, because I’ve been working very hard to create a small balanced menu, where everyone could find something for himself; where every meal is cooked with love, and everyone could close his eyes of pleasure when he tastes it.
If you still didn’t havea chance to visit Lindenhoff restaurant, then we are waiting for you to have this gastronomic and atmosphere experience. But if you have already been there, we are waiting you back again and again.
The Chef of Lindenhoff restaurant Nikita Pribilsky.